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Your car’s tyres are critically important for the safety of your family, other road users and yourself.
The tyres are the sole contact between your car and the road.

The contact surface is only about the size of the palm of your hand! You need to trust your tyres absolutely and this at all times.

Thanks to new technology and enhanced production processes, the quality and standard of car tyres have improved markedly over the past few years .This is clearly visible in the various tyre brands’ performance ratings.

Below you will find further information on the various types of tyres.

Summer tyres

“Summer tyres”: a term that has acquired popularity in recent years and concerns tyres which previously were considered standard. Most cars will sport these tyres when delivered.

This type of tyre is the best choice for ‘normal’ weather conditions. They are outstanding at repelling water, resistant to heat, provide good grip and are long lasting.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres offer improved safety in ‘poor’ weather conditions and are usually used from mid-October to April. This tyre delivers the best performance with temperatures of 7° Celsius or lower. A winter tyre has a different rubber compound from the summer tyre. In winter conditions this tyre remains flexible, ensures excellent grip, comfortable handling and increased safety. This is due to the depth tread, which alters form when rolling, ensuring a better and safer grip on the road surface.

4-seasons tyres

A 4-seasons tyre is an alternative if you do not wish to change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa. The rubber compound and the tread are entirely different from both the summer or the winter tyre. A 4-season tyre has a specific rubber  compound that provides outstanding grip at both higher and lower temperatures. Of course winter tyres do perform better during extreme wintry conditions, and summer tyres are much better during higher temperatures. However, our climate rarely reaches such high extremes and a 4-season tyre can be an excellent option.

Run  - flat tyres

If you have a puncture, the “run - flat” tyre (RFT) will enable you to keep driving, with an adjusted speed limit for about 80 kilometres. This tyre will ensure that you get home or reach one of our service stations. Thanks to the tyre’s strengthened walls, this type of tyre can carry the full weight of your car, even when no longer under pressure.


Would you like to give that personal touch to your car? At Forrez we offer a wide-ranging selection of aluminium and steel wheels.

Alloy wheels simply look great and benefit from a number of technical and other advantages over standard wheels. For example, if you fit wider tyres, as well as offering more comfort this will increase the grip on the road. The brakes will also become more heat resistant.

Our staff possess the expertise to assist you in selecting the very best wheels to suit your car.

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